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Some of the world's best air gun ammunition is made here.


Tradition, Passion, Hard Work.

Founded in 1988, INDUBRAC operates in a modern plant located in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, using high precision, latest technology equipment such as extrusion presses of high capacity, vertical and horizontal presses of high productivity.

In the shooting sports market, we have the tradition and are known for the excellence in producing air gun ammunition of all calibers, besides processing and industrializing components for the metallurgic and warlike industry.


The brand RIFLE AMMUNITION is found all over the Brazilian territory and, more recently, in many countries, and is a symbol of high quality products in shooting sports.

Because of our concern with ensuring respect and protection to the environment and society, INDUBRAC counts on an effective industrial waste control system. It is approved by CETESB – Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental (Environmental Sanitation Technology Company), after strict samples analysis, done periodically, that follows international parameters of gas emissions control.

P R O M O  V I D E O  


    OUR PROCESS /  Quality Control 

Where it all starts - Lead ingots
The extrusion press - wire making
Cooling down
Technical parameters
Pellets, pellets!
Visual inspection
Shooting Lab!
Pre-packaging stock

Quality Control

Our quality control begins with the choice of raw material, lead, that comes in billets, and is present in all steps of the production.  The billets are melted and acquire a cylindrical shape when cooled again.  These are then pressed into wires and spheres, which will be used in the manufacturing of the pellets by Rifle Ammunition.


Wire and spheres are now fed into the pellets making machines that work  to make pellets into particular shapes and sizes through swaging. Their weight and dimensions are predefined in the project development stage. 

A limited quantity is then produced and tested for accuracy, harmony and balance, trajectory, ballistic coefficient and surface smoothness.  The second step of quality control is concluded and production can continue.

During production, the pellets are constantly tested electronically, to ensure weight and dimensions are as predefined. Any discrepancy that is out of the tolerance set interrupts the machines until the problem is solved. This is the third step of our quality control, which also comprehends manual/visual check, done at the end of the production of the batch, followed by new accuracy and grouping tests. 

 Production finished, the batch is then stowed in boxes, while it waits for the last visual/manual screening, which the fourth the forth step of our quality control. Projectiles that don't conform to the Rifle Ammunition standard are separated and sent to the beginning of the production process, to compose the raw material again at the melting stage,

which will produce a new batch.

Controle de Qualidade

    OUR WORKSHOP  /  Ballistic Lab  

All our batches are tested to ensure  international quality standard.

Knowledge, Technology, Dedication.

We combine 3 decades of experience with high technology.

As a result, we proudly make the best air gun pellets in Brazil, and are listed among the best brands in the segment in the world, approved by the biggest air gun manufacturers and some of the best shooters in the 5 continents.

Our technology is essencially European, but receives advancements developed by our researchers, in-house. 

In addition to being experienced people and having large knowledge in metallurgy and machinery,  our ultra-committed team is made of shooting sports lovers. We believe dedication and will are inextricable factors in work

that's been well done. And that is precisely what we do here.


Rifle Ammunition doesn't  just make pellets.

We feed the passion for shooting sports.

Yours and ours.

    OUR PRESENCE  /  International

IWA 2018, Nurnberg Messe
Show case at Rifle Ammunition booth at IWA, 2017
IWA 2018 - The experienced new guys
Felipe Wu - memorable presence at our booth at IWA, 2018
Achievements and Recognition
Quality and Performance

Rifle Ammunition around the world

The trust and recognition from thousands of shooters, whom we value as our greatest asset, gave us the necessary energy to expand our product portfolio and take higher flights aiming the precision air gun ammunition field and the whole world as a potential market.

Needless to say, it wasn't and isn't an easy task, but here we are, a little more than three years after the launch of Premium Series, proudly taking our name to the four corners of the world. Today, Rifle Ammunition is perceived as a top quality brand for air gun ammunition, with a portfolio that can meet the needs and preferences of any kind of shooter.


Our pellets can be found in the USA, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines,  Argentina, and others, more and more as a symbol of precision pellets

and high performance.

We've been in articles in magazines that specialize in air gun shooting, reviews in online and print media, reports and video reports at the biggest trade shows in the world,  SHOT SHOW, em Las Vegas, USA, and IWA, in Nuremberg, Germany. All this interest that Rifle Ammunition products has been drawing is, undoubtedly, celebrated by our entire team as the result

of serious and committed team work.

Our achievements reinforce the idea that we do excellent work we do today is better than yesterday`s, but not quite good as tomorrow's, and that the path we make leads to success.  

 We want you with us!

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