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Founded in 1988 by Antonio Barbosa, an administrator with extensive experience in the metallurgical field, Rifle is located in a modern facility in São Bernardo do Campo municipality. The company utilizes high-precision equipment and cutting-edge technology, including high-capacity extrusion presses and high-productivity vertical and horizontal presses.

In the sport shooting market, Rifle is renowned for its tradition and excellence in producing ammunition of all calibers for air rifles. Additionally, it benefits and industrializes components for metallurgical and military material industries.

The Rifle brand is present nationwide and across all continents, providing high-quality products to sport shooting enthusiasts.

Committed to environmental preservation and societal well-being, Rifle maintains effective control over its industrial waste. Environmental licensing with CETESB - Environmental Technology Company, obtained through rigorous analysis, adheres to international standards for controlling pollutant emissions.

Who we are.

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