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Discover Our Product Line

Our product line is dedicated to offering high-performance ammunition for all shooting disciplines and types of air guns. From recreational options to those designed for professional athletes and Olympic competitors, we guarantee precision, consistency, and reliability in every shot.

Our primary goal is to provide ammunition that athletes can trust completely. We continually invest in research and development to ensure that each shot meets the highest quality standards.


The highest standard of quality and precision that ammunition can achieve. Flathead SUPER SELECTED, created especially for high-performance athletes seeking maximum quality in their shots.

Developed with the pinnacle of technology, this ammunition redefines all standards of precision and consistency.


Ammunition aimed at professional athletes who seek the best result in any situation.
It comes in calibers .177 and .22 

Flathead Start

The entry level model of Flathead line. 
Aimed at shooters who seek for excellent cost-benefit but do not 
want to give up quality. 
Caliber .177


With the most traditional head shape of all, Round is one of the most accurate pellets in our portfolio.

It comes in calibers .177, .22 , .25 and .30


With its aggressive head shape, Pointed is the favorite of a large number of shooters for its accuracy and piercing power.

It comes in calibers .177, .22 and .25


Favorite of Benchrest shooters, this model stands out for its ‘’right out of the tin and into the gun’’ consistency.
It comes in calibers .177, .22 and .25. 


Excellent groupings, no matter the distance.

This ammunition meets the needs of shooters in various shooting conditions. It is a success among those seeking high-quality ammunition with excellent cost-effectiveness.

Available in calibers .177 and .22.


Excellent choice for target shooters for their competitions and practice. Its ribbed walls give it a distinctive look.
It comes in calibers .177, and .22.


As its premium version Round, accuracy is its strongest feature.
Its ribbed walls give it a strong personality. 
It comes in calibers .177 and .22.


Pointed head and ribbed walls, accuracy and piercing power.
It comes in calibers .177 and .22.

Super Magnum

Its domed head is its distinctive feature.
Top choice in many markets for its accuracy, consistency, and impact power.
It comes in calibers .177 and .22.


Its distinctive pentagon shaped head with a central spear grants it piercing and expansion features.
Accuracy, performance and style in one single product.
It comes in calibers .177 and .22.


Power and precision in caliber .25 and .30.
Impressive accuracy for long distance shots with great impact. 

Diabolo Promax

Due to its extreme accuracy, consistency, and low price. Promax is an all-around pellet, as it’s called by shooters, and best-value for your money.

Available in caliber .22.

Diabolo STR

Focused on high-quality recreational shooting, with the smallest groupings in its category.

The traditional pellet that has built shooters' trust in our name for over 35 years and continues to be a best-seller.

Slug Hollow Point

High BCs, heavy weights and accuracy for long distance shots with strong impact and expansion power.
Great range of weights and calibers.
It comes in calibers .177, .22, .25 and .30.

Slug Round Nose

High BC, heavy weights and accuracy for long distance shots
in caliber .35, with coated and uncoated versions.

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